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Wwise Spatial Audio (Rooms and Portals)

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Hi all,

So I am trying to get Occlusion and Obstruction to get running on my computer and I am following the step by step instructions in this documentation.
As opposed to the tutorial, I am using only 1 audio source. My problem is that when I spawn my character inside the AK Room component with the source, the reverberation is present whether I am inside, outside or miles away from the AK Room component.
When I spawn my character inside an AK Room that has no source but is the "next door" room, then as soon as I enter the room with the source, my audio is getting occluded but it is the opposite of what I need

Can someone please help me? I have literally spent the last 2,5 days raging over this problem and I cant seem to make it work. If it helps, I am also using VRTK SDK for virtual reality.

P.s. Wwise, please review your bloody documentation. Add more information on how the reader can actually see what you're seeing in the Game Profile Viewer, get someone who doesn't use Wwise to follow that documentation and achieve the result without feeling anxious.




TL;DR I've noticed that in the tutorial ( the step that is not working for me is literally C.2.C but the documentation provides no troubleshooting whatsoever if this step does not work...
asked Dec 10, 2018 in General Discussion by Ernests L. (100 points)

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