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Wwise upgrade wipes settings in Unity

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Just upgraded Wwise from 2018.1.3 to 2018.1.4 and every Wwise Type and Bank setting (the only AK component I use that has an object setting) was blown away.  According to Unity Collab, this was due to all the GUIDs on Wwise objects changing.  Unity 2017.4.4f1

If you're going to release a breaking update like this, it would be nice to get some sort of warning first so I can opt out or be better prepared for it.  And, the bug with switches and states not keeping their path setting makes this even worse since you have to play and set multiple times to get the path to stick.

And, yet, even with all these time wasters... somehow Wwise's Unity integration is still less painful than FMOD's.  But, for how long?
asked Dec 12, 2018 in General Discussion by Matt J. (350 points)
This is also true when upgrading Wwise's own WwiseUnityDemoScene project to 2018.1.4.  That one loses the Foot Step Event.  So, it's not just my project.  But, really, I'm getting the strong impression from all the silence here that AK doesn't care about Unity integration bugs.

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