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Best practices for Stereo-to-Mono mixdown

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Hi everybody,

Though I try to record or synthesize most of my assets, sometimes I just need to grab items from libraries out there. In most of those cases, the original files are stereo, but I generally need to assign them to game objects that are single specific audio sources. Before I import the assets to Wwise, I normally do the layering and production work in my DAW, but I get some harsh phasing and aliasing issues when doing a simple mono-mixdown. I understand I'll lose the depth and richness of the stereo image, but I wanted to know if you can recommend a healthier, less harmful way of converting a stereo original audio file to mono.

I love the Wwise downmix conversion algorithm, but I need to do all the layering and sound design work in my DAW first.

Thank you so much in advance!


asked Dec 13, 2018 in General Discussion by Bruno B. (160 points)

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If you're getting phase issues when downmixing stereos, then the issues are at the stereo source I suspect and no matter how you do it it will add up to same result if its a straight sum. If it's mission critical, you may get better results by splitting the files into two monos and time aligning the L & R in your DAW. A few ms either direction can help dramatically if its a static offset.

You can then just re bounce out to a new mono.
answered Dec 18, 2018 by damon i. (890 points)
selected Jan 10, 2019 by Bruno B.