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Unable to Import Audio Files

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I'm in the process of completing Wwise-101, Lesson 1; and have reached the point where I need to create a new sound effect using the, "Create new Sound SFX," icon. However, neither that icon nor any of the other icons in the Project Explorer view's Audio tab are clickable. I tried to use the designated keyboard shortcut to import the audio file I needed into the Default Work Unit under the Actor-Mixer Hierarchy (shift+i), but that wouldn't work either. Why is this happening?
asked Dec 20, 2018 in General Discussion by Jack M. (140 points)
Do you have the 'Default Work Unit' selected in the 'Actor-Mixer Hierarchy'?
I do have the "Default Work Unit," selected in the 'Actor-Mixer Hierarchy.'

1 Answer

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Same issue here. Try disconnecting from Remonte Plataform (the game). It then should re-enable creating objects.
answered Jan 9, 2019 by Crampantes (240 points)