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Rooms and Portals don't seem to work correctly

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Hey guys

I was following the Tutorial for Rooms and Portals, but something doesn't work as expected.

When the Listener and the Emitter are outside of the room, everything is fine. When I move the Listener inside a room (with a portal), the sound from outside of the room can still be heard, but not as expected, through the portal but as a non spatial sound, meaning: the sound from outside of the room comes through both speakers, no matter how the listener is oriented to the portal. Furthermore: the sound is not attenuated anymore. I would the expect the sound to be attenuated and only be "coming from the portal".

I used the Game Object 3D Viewer to observe what is happening. When the Listener is outside the room, everything is fine, but as soon es I move it inside, all soundemitters pile up right where the portal is (which at least explains why all the attenuation is lost).

Do you guys have any Idea, what the problem might be?


Here is the basic setup:

Emitter: Box-Collider, AkGameObject (Environment Aware), AkAmbient (to play the sound on start), Rigidbody and AkSpatial Audio Emitter

Listener: Capsule-Collider, AkGameObject, AkAudioListener, AkSpatialAudioListener

Room: BoxCollider, AkRoom, Rigidbody

Have a nice one

asked Jan 9, 2019 in General Discussion by Benjamin F. (110 points)

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