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Convolution reverb hangs on Android (Quest)

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While developing on the Quest device we came across an issue with the Convolution Reverb. We reproduced the issue in 2018.1.0 and 2018.1.4.

It looks like the plugin may be stuck in a loop. These are all involved threads at the time of the hang.


CAkLock::Lock() Line 58
CAkAudioMgr::Perform() Line 464
CAkAudioMgr::RenderAudio() Line 368

AK::StreamMgr::CAkIOThread::IOSchedThread(void * lpParameter) Line 219    C++

AKPLATFORM::AkWaitForEvent(AkEvent & in_event) Line 133    C++
AkMonitor::MonitorThreadFunc(void * lpParameter) Line 1267    C++

AKPLATFORM::AkWaitForEvent(AkEvent & in_event) Line 133    C++
CAkThreadedBankMgr::BankThreadFunc(void * lpParameter) Line 128    C++

AKPLATFORM::AkWaitForEvent(AkEvent & in_event) Line 133    C++
CAkOutputMgr::SuspendedThread(void * lpParameter) Line 1393    C++


AkMismatchBuffer::GetOutputAudio(AkAudioBuffer & in_processBuffer, AkAudioBuffer & out_pipelineBuffer, AkMismatchBuffer * const this) Line 319    C++
CAkConvolutionReverbFX::Execute(CAkConvolutionReverbFX * const this, AkAudioBuffer * io_pBuffer) Line 792    C++
CAkVPLMixBusNode::ProcessFX(CAkVPLMixBusNode * const this, AkUInt32 in_fxIndex, AkPipelineBufferBase *& io_rpAudioBuffer, bool & io_bfxProcessed) Line 1356    C++
CAkVPLMixBusNode::ProcessAllFX(CAkVPLMixBusNode * const this) Line 1316    C++
CAkVPLMixBusNode::GetResultingBuffer(CAkVPLMixBusNode * const this) Line 1269    C++
CAkLEngine::TransferBuffer(AkVPL * in_pVPL) Line 117    C++
CAkLEngine::PerformMixing(bool in_bRender) Line 2792    C++
CAkLEngine::PerformMixing(bool in_bRender) Line 2761    C++
CAkLEngine::SoftwarePerform() Line 2315    C++
CAkLEngine::Perform() Line 282    C++
CAkAudioMgr::Perform(CAkAudioMgr * const this) Line 543    C++
CAkAudioThread::EventMgrThreadFunc(void * lpParameter) Line 66    C++


After disabling the Convolution Reverb everything seems to work as expected. Also note that CAkAudioMgr::Perform is being called from different threads. We would appreciate if a Wwise dev could take a look at this. On a side note, we noticed network discovery with the Quest device connected via wireless stopped working with 2018.1.4 while direct IP connection works.
asked Jan 14, 2019 in General Discussion by Thomas W. (110 points)

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