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The WAAPI import function doesn't accept argument 'autoAddToSourceControl', has the name of the argument changed?

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The WAAPI function '' doesn't accept argument 'autoAddToSourceControl' which is documented here. Is this argument not actually supported or does it maybe have a different name?


asked Jan 22, 2019 in General Discussion by Audun T. (100 points)
autoAddToSourceControl was added in 2017.2. Are you using 2017.1?
We're using 2018.1.1, so that shouldn't be the issue...
Can you give more details about "doesn't accept argument"? I got it to work here:         
    var args = {
                "importOperation": "useExisting",
                "default": {
                    "importLanguage": "English(US)"
                "imports": result,
                "autoAddToSourceControl": true

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