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Adjusting Playback Priority RTPC During Playback Causes Drop-outs

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I'm adjusting the priority value of a blend container via an RTPC and the sound keeps dropping out as I do so.

The container has one-shot sounds, but it's set to loop with trigger rate. While it's looping, if I change the RTPC value, some children of the blend container randomly drops out, and won't be audible until the next loop iteration, but also until some time passes that is equal to the source length of the now-dropped-out sound.

Also note that (in case if it's relevant) the blend container has voice limitation set equal to the number of its children, so that at each loop iteration, children that are longer than the trigger rate will be killed.

The whole purpose of adjusting priority is to make sure certain sounds are heard, such as enemies firing at player, while limiting NPC's that don't fire at player when playback limit is reached.

Help appreciated!
asked Feb 4 in General Discussion by audiocan (210 points)

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