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Parsing WWU in Unity takes hours, with requested fix

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We use WAAPI to generate dialogue events for our Unity game. Our game has around 12,000 lines of dialogue.

Let me first explain an odd WAAPI limitation we ran into: There seems to be no way to clear out the Actions set to an Event and add the one you want without replacing the event entirely...

  • If we use the "event" field in, it ADDS an action to that event rather than replacing it.
  • We cannot access the "@Action" field of an event during ak.wwise.core.object.create, unless we use a different JSON serializer rather than JsonUtility, since JsonUtility will ignore the @ symbol in the serialization.
    • Even if we could, I'm not sure what the functionality would be. Would this add an action or replace the Action set with the ones I specified?
  • Thus, we had to overwrite all generated events with no Actions, then set the action at the import step using the event field. Remember, that's 12,000 events that get assigned a different GUID.

If you have any pointers in getting around this, please let us know!




The biggest issue this causes the WWU parsing step to take 1-5 HOURS after the Wwise events have been generated. This is killing productivity for everyone who uses Unity at the studio.


I narrowed it down to one line of code in the Unity plugin, in WwiseObjectReference.cs line 128 via AkWwiseBuilder.cs line 583: The plugin uses AssetDatabase.DeleteAsset() for ALL of these 12,000 "removed" event reference objects. This takes 0.25 - 1 second each.


Fortunately for us, we don't actually use the Unity reference for any of our VO; we call it all directly through AkSoundEngine.PostEvent(). This means that these reference objects didn't actually exist!


My optimization is as follows, which I hope can make it into the next Unity plugin update:

if (UnityEditor.AssetDatabase.LoadAssetAtPath<WwiseObjectReference>(path) != null)




LoadAssetAtPath is hundreds or even thousands of times faster than DeleteAsset, so this saved a TON of parsing time.


I'd also like to reiterate from my other post (which has not yet been answered) that the event reference objects are causing us a ton of problems:


Thank you, and I hope this is looked into soon.




asked Feb 6 in General Discussion by Bryant C. (130 points)

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