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Oculus Spatializer with Unity 2018.2.10 and wwise 2018.1.5 not working on Android

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I've been trying to build a project having the OculusSpatializer plugin for Android (actually an apk for Oculus Quest) and while I do have sound just fine, the plugin is not seen. I know it's not a problem in my Wwise project since it works just fine in the editor on Windows.


Is there any steps that are not told in the documentation for an android plugin?


I did put libOculusSpatializerWwise2018 on the DSP folder of the arm7 folder in Unity, I feel like it is actually seen because if I change the name of something like that I don't get sounds in the build anymore.

When I do adb logcat I see no errors.

It's also worth saying that it used to work with wwise 2017 and the 2017 integration.


Thanks for the help.
asked Feb 7, 2019 in General Discussion by Thomas C. (100 points)
Hey, were you ever able to fix this, I have the same issue.

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