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How to implement a sound into an object in a VR project ?

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Hi !

I'm asking this question because I'm doing a VR game project for school. And one of the problem that is occuring is that I don't know how to implement a sound on certain object.

For example, I have a door and 2 sounds : one for when the door is opening and one when the door is shutting.

How do I make sure that when the player is in the VR game and want to open the door with one of its controller, the "opening door" sound follows the movement of the controller/hand of the player ? It's not a animation so I'm kind of lost and I don't know which scripts/events/etc... I should make to be able to represent this kind of sound which go with a movement.

And I also want that, when the player shut the door, the second sound is playing.

If this kind of problem as already been answered, can you redirect me to the appropriate subject ?

If not I hope you can still help me to find an answer.

Thanks in advance !
asked Feb 10, 2019 in Feature Requests by Vincent V. (100 points)

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