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Vive, Unity audio not coming out of headset

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My PC is not redirecting audio to the vive headset. I've checked all of the vive options and they're all set as expected. I've reinstalled all the SteamVR components, but none of it's helped.

If I switch back to Unity audio, everything is OK.

There was comment about this, with regards to Oculus, and there was a small patch to fix it, but I'm not sure how to get the audioId from OpenVR SDK.

This is what I have for Oculus:

            AkWindowsSettings akWindowsSettings = (AkWindowsSettings)(ActivePlatformSettings);
            if (akWindowsSettings)
                string audioDevice = OVRManager.audioOutId;
                uint audioOutId = AkSoundEngine.GetDeviceIDFromName(audioDevice);
                akWindowsSettings.UserSettings.m_MainOutputSettings.m_DeviceID = audioOutId;


So I need something equivalent for Vive as OVRManager.audioOutId;\

I shouldn't need to do this. But I can't seem to fix this by just changing settings.

All other apps are OK.
asked Feb 12, 2019 in General Discussion by Brian W. (100 points)

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