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Soundseed Grain integrated in Unity?

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I'm having trouble integrating SoundSeed Grain in to Unity. I've been given a license for it, but when starting the Unity project or clicking Play, I get:

Wwise: Could not find plugin dynamic library AkSoundSeedGrain

I've tried copying the DLL from my install, but the error still occurs. I've also tried integrating my Wwise project into a fresh Unity project, and again the error still occurs.

Has anyone managed to successfully integrate SoundSeed Grain? Is there a step I'm missing?

asked Feb 27 in General Discussion by Maize W. (150 points)

I'm experiencing the same. I'm wondering if it's due to only having a trial license for Grain? That way it's possible to trial Grain in authoring but not in Unity editor nor builds.

I also tried forcing AkSoundEngine to register grain, after manually copying over the DLL from authoring to Unity asset Wwise plugins folder to no avail:



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Upgrading to the following has at least added the SoundSeed Grain plugins to the Unity folder. Try it out!

  • Unity to 2018.3.11f1
  • Wwise to 2019.1.0
  • Wwise Integration to 2019.1.0
answered Apr 4 by Egil S. (990 points)
selected Apr 4 by Fabien B. (Audiokinetic)