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Custom script in Unity using AK.Wwise.Event lose reference when scene are commited through SmartSVN

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I have made a simple script that uses the Wwise Type AK.Wwise.Event when posting events. This works fine, but when I (or anybody else) commit a scene that contains components with the script, all event references are lost at those who updates the commitment.

The AkAmbient and the AkBank scripts from Wwise is also loosing reference.

Could SmartSVN be responsible? Maybe ignoring some reference files?
Am I missing something in my script?

You can see my script below. I am posting Ak.Wwise.Event as a list, so that I can post multiple events from one component. But this shouldn't be related to that problem, the lost reference also happens without the Wwise Type being a list.

    public bool useAKAmbient;
    public AK.Wwise.Event[] wwiseNames;
    private bool readyToFire = true;

    public void StartWwiseEvent(){

        if (readyToFire)
            readyToFire = false;

            if (!useAKAmbient)
                for (int i = 0; i < wwiseNames.Length; i++)


asked Feb 28, 2019 in General Discussion by M. Riddersholm (150 points)
edited Mar 4, 2019 by M. Riddersholm

1 Answer

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All .asset and meta files in Assets/Wwise/Resources/Event need to be committed. (it is properly the same thing with files in the "Soundbank", "State" and "StateGroup" folders). The files isn't registered as changed, when changes are made to whatever they are referencing and they are auto created by unity, if nothing else is done. But everybody working on the same project needs to have the same copy of these files.
answered Mar 6, 2019 by M. Riddersholm (150 points)