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Wwise 'Remote...' doesn't show my computer nor anything.

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Hello, everybody

I'm trying to start the Wise 101 and I downloaded the zip file with the documents that say "Wwise-101_v2017.2" but when I needed to connect to the game in this step it doesn't show anything. I have Wwise 2018.1.5.6835 and 2017.2.9.6726 and tried running the cube sample in the launcher using the 2017.2 version and the 2018.1 version, so I don't think it's caused by using the wrong version, I tried turning off the Antivirus and the Firewall, I usually use VPN but I turned it off and lastly I tried it with no internet connection at all. And it still shows me nothing in the Remote connections window, where my computer should appear.

If anybody knows what could be the error and/or how I could solve it I'd appreciate it a lot!
asked Mar 3, 2019 in General Discussion by Rafael C. (100 points)

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