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Spatial Audio Error: game object is not registered as a spatial audio emitter

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Wwise Unity intergration on Platform WINDOWS.

I used AkSoundEngine.RegisterGameObj and AkSoundEngine.RegisterEmitter to registered a UnityEngine.GameObject as a spatial audio emitter.

However when I call "AKRESULT SetEmitterObstructionAndOcclusion(UnityEngine.GameObject in_gameObjectID, float in_fObstruction, float in_fOcclusion)", it returned an error as follows.

"Wwise: AK::SpatialAudio::SetEmitterObstructionAndOcclusion: game object (ID:4294800320) is not registered as a spatial audio emitter."

I logged the GameObject ID I registered as "18446744073709384640" which is different with the one (ID:4294800320) in error message.

The value 4294800320 is exactly the result that ulong type value 18446744073709384640 been cut off to uint type value.

Dose anynoe know what happened?

Thanks a lot.
asked Mar 4, 2019 in General Discussion by RUI W. (100 points)

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