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Unreal unable to generate Wwise soundbanks

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I've just started working on an unreal project that has Wwise integrated. Up until now the wwise project hasn't been used, so we are facing a few issues that hadn't been noticed before.

The project seems to be integrated properly as Wwise Picker recognises all the events that are in the wwise project, but when I go to generate soundbanks within Unreal I get the error:

"SoundBank generation failed: see log for more information"

Within the log it has a series of errors saying that the soundbanks couldn't be located.

I then tried creating new UE and Wwise projects to test integrating them and discovered that within Project Settings>Plugins>Wwise there is a Soundbank Folder listed, but within my faulty project there is no such folder:

Is this possibly the reason, and how could I go about fixing this?

Many thanks

asked Mar 5, 2019 in General Discussion by Henry F. (340 points)

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This problem ended up being down to the Wwise Authoring tool being in the wrong place. It had been moved previously as the project was uploaded to different repos, so was a veyr out-of-the-ordinary problem.
answered Mar 27, 2019 by Henry F. (340 points)