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How to lighten the Deployment Plugins / iOS?

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I'm working on a new project, iOS and Android platform and when integrating Wwise in Unity, the Unity project has gone from 15MB to 3.5GB! ... so, I do not have the place to push the project in Unity Collaborate. I see that this comes from the Deployement / iOS plugins. Is it really necessary? Why are the other platforms are lighter?

I tried switching the "Managed Stripping Level" to HIGH in: UNITY -> Project Setting -> Player -> Other Setting    but nothing changes ... or almost nothing.

Did anyone have such problems? How did you finally solve it?
I am blocked
Thank you

Theophile Demarcq
asked Mar 10 in General Discussion by Théophile Demarcq - Music and Sound Design (310 points)
edited Mar 14 by Théophile Demarcq - Music and Sound Design
Does someone have an idea ?

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