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Why is Wwise slow on my mac?

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I run Wwise on a macbook pro 2,6 i7 16 Gb Ram and/or a Mac pro 2,26 QuadCore 32 Gb Ram. On both these macs, the graphic interface on Wwise takes 4-5 seconds to update when I change from selecting e.g a Playlist to a Segment (or something else). I have no other programs open. Is this normal behavior, is it better on Windows PCs?
asked Mar 11 in General Discussion by Halvard B. (140 points)
Hi Halvard, do you get similar performance when going from a Sound object to a Random Container, or it only with music objects?
Hey Halvard, please let me know if you have had success with getting it to run better on Mac. My MBP is similar in specs, and I have the same issues. Lately, I have been trying to work as much as I can while in Windows, where it operates as one would expect. Although, I hate having to switch back and forth between my windows and osx partitions. Nearly every action that I take while on osx is accompanied by a noticeable lag.
Hi Shaun. It is still slow :( I guess I need to install Windows....
Hi Bernard. The performance is the same wherever I am in Wwise. It is the graphic interface that is laggy, not the audio.

1 Answer

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After upgrading to Mac OS 10.14 Mojave, Wwise seems to be faster.
answered May 26 by Halvard B. (140 points)