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Un-able to generate soundbanks in unreal 4

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Hi, I'm having an issue getting started with Wwise integration within unreal 4

The integration process completed with no issues, however after creating an Audiokinetic Bank (same name as in wwise) I am unable to generate the soundbank

I've seen a few comments regarding assignments however after double clicking an event from wwise which I dragged into my content browser, It merely shows a blank log with no assignment list.

Issue Message - SoundBank generation failed: see log for more information.

Log message;

LogAk: Display: *** Loading Project ***
*** Importing SoundBank definition ***
Error: File missing or invalid:E:\Morella\Morella_0\TempDefinitionFile.txt
Error: Stopping the process on error ( specify -ContinueOnError in the command line to continue on error )
Process completed successfully.
LogAk: Error: Wwise command-line failed with error 1.
asked Mar 17, 2019 in General Discussion by Jake M. (100 points)

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