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How do i use a microphone input from Wwise to unity, then sendings thi to a network to make a teamchat ?

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Hello audio friends,

I'm currently working on a multiplayer VR game. 

It's a lot of fun to make sounds in virtual reality, but i am having trouble on a particular feature= the voice chat. It is essential for the game to be able to process the voice of the player through Wwise, to monitor them, with state, RTPC and stuff…

1) Right now, we use an event to launch a Wwise Audio Input source. From now on, the event doesnt work on Unity, since i Believe its because the sound is real-time generated, and not in a soundbank. (so that's the first question, i first want unity to detect the sound flux of the microphone))

2) Secondly, i have to warn you about a specificity of my project, wich is that  EACH player have the same Wwise instance/game instance, and they are all connected to a server. So HOW do i tell unity  to be able to transfer this type of data(the mic input) ? Do i need some Voice-IP option? An external soft like mumble or Teamspeak ?

asked Mar 20, 2019 in General Discussion by Matthieu R. (100 points)

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