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Wwise-301 Remote Connection not showing Unity Project on Mac

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I am running on Lesson 1 in the 301 certificate. I am running on a mac (macOS Mojave) and have unity 2017.4.3f1 with Wwise 2017.2.8.6698.

When I open the remote connections, there is nothing to connect too. I tried both having the scene in Unity in editor mode (like the lesson says) and in play mode.

Anyone else run into this?
asked Mar 21, 2019 in General Discussion by Cameron B. (500 points)
Did you ever figure this out? I just started 301 and am running into the same issue. Mojave with 2017.4.3f1 and Wwise 2017.2.8.6698.

2 Answers

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I'm having the same issue. Just sent in a report.  I have double checked versions, open connections, added all applications to the accessibility list (just in case that was the issue), no luck.
answered Apr 2, 2019 by David P. (140 points)
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I was able to get it working on Mac by setting the Unity editor in Play mode and clicking the remote connection button in Wwise. From there I selected Connect to IP... and used the following IP address. Hope that helps.



answered Jan 17, 2020 by Gina Z. (510 points)
selected Mar 3, 2020 by Cameron B.
That worked! Thank you so much.
Small note that with the . at the end, it gives and invalid IP error. What I pasted exactly was this:

Even after a successful connection this way, I never see the connection as "Available" but it is in my History, and I can use the Connect To IP... again as well  is correct! The . after the 1 was just me trying to naturally end the sentence. Sorry for that confusion.