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List View: Smart Collapse/Expand to only show "overwriting" Child Objects.

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Wouldn't it be super useful, if List View could be used to only show Child Objects that Overwrite a selected Property ?


A user wants to list all Aux Send values on all AI-Creature sound objects. There are global values set on Parent Actor-Mixers, which are overwritten by various child or sub-child objects. Imagine a complex tree structure with hundreds ob sub branches,

So, what I'd like the user to be able to is:

  • Select the global parent AI creature Work Unit from Actor-Mixer Hierarchy.
  • Choose "Show in List View"
  • In List View: configure columns for the desired property to be shown.
  • Then: "Smart-Expand" the Work Unit, so it only shows all Child and Sub-Child objects which effectively overwrite the selected property.
Obviously, if several properties are shown in List View, then smart-expanding a Work Unit relative to one single column (while ignoring all other columns) should be practical, I suppose.
Note: Currently using "Expand-All" produces a HUGE list with mostly irrelevant objects.
Give it a thought, a "Smart-Expand/Collapse" feature would give a very clean overview over the most relevant information.
asked Apr 9 in Feature Requests by Christian S. (400 points)

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