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Lesson 2 Import Shotgun Shell Folder, Wwise freezes

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Hello all!

I am working my way through lesson two on your Wwise course. I'm at page 77, where I am asked to import the Shotgun shell folder audio files into the 'Actor-Mixer Hierarchy'. I have amended the type to 'Random Container' and selected import, however, the import window seems to freeze. I cannot cancel the import and I am forced to restart Wwise.  I have a screen shot I can send. Many thanks

asked Apr 10 in General Discussion by Navid A. (100 points)
I'm having the exact same issue over here. Running OS 10.13.6 (High Sierra). Can't get past it, so going to try importing all those shells individually, then creating a random container for them. PIA, though!
I actually managed to get around this. I highlighted both the folder and drop down files (using shift) then selected import. Seemed to work for me! Hope that helps. Navid

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