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Failed to validate External Sources xml.

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I am trying to build soundbanks but I am getting this error - 
Failed to validate External Sources xml. Error Line: 0 Position: 0

I do not know what this means. 

I am following the steps mentioned here:

asked Apr 12, 2019 in General Discussion by Agneya K. (150 points)

1 Answer

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(I know this is ages out of date, and you've moved on, but if someone else searches for this....)

I just had this myself, and it was caused by malformed XML tags -somewhere- in the file. It was not at Line 0, Position 0, but in the Source Path section.

My python script was omitting the / at the end of my source lines.

So instead of

    <Source Path="Alphabet.wav" Conversion="VO" />

I had

    <Source Path="Alphabet.wav" Conversion="VO" >

note the missing slash before the final > 

So if you get this error, ignore the lies of the line position, and look closely at how your xml tags are formed.

I was fortunate that I had a handwritten one that worked to do a Diff with my python generated one, which made it a lot easier to spot.

answered Mar 9, 2023 by Terry J. (140 points)