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Multiple Positions on AkAmbient only creates Errors when I put them on Prefabs in Unity. Why ?

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so I am trying to play Multiple Positions and followed the tutorial. I placed them on a prefab in Unity and started the game.

I am using Unity 2018.3.5f1 and Wwise 2019.1.0.6947

This is the error in Wwise: Dead Game Object used in SetMultiplePositions. UnregisterGameObj was called at 0:00:00.000.

This is the error in Unity:

- NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object AkAmbient.OnDrawGizmosSelected()

- Unknown game object ID. Make sure the game object is registered before using it and do not use it once it was unregistered


Can anybody tell me whats wrong or is it just a bug because of the new version of Wwise?
asked Apr 12 in General Discussion by jonas k. (100 points)

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