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Wwise 2018.1.6 Unity Building for PC on Mac fails

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I am trying to build a PC player on a Mac computer for Unity and Wwise 2018.1.6. However, the initialization settings script won't compile due to the platform identification.

On AkWindowsSettings.cs, line 47 it says

       public override void CopyTo(AkPlatformInitSettings settings)
         settings.eAudioAPI = (AkAudioAPI)m_AudioAPI;
         settings.bGlobalFocus = m_GlobalFocus;       
So on Mac, if I set Unity target platform to PC, the UNITY_STANDALONE_WIN condition would be triggered, and the variables eAudioAPI and bGlobalFocus can't be find, because both of them belong to 
AkPlatformInitSettings_Windows.cs, which is not compiled on a Mac.
So instead of commenting out those two lines(which might cause some bugs), are there any alternative solutions?
BTW it doesn't make sense that I can't upload a local picture here. Wwise forum should include this feature. 
asked Apr 21, 2019 in General Discussion by Victor L. (170 points)

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