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Capture Unity Audio using Recorder-Effect-Plugin

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Hello AudioKinetic,

I'm trying to capture 4 minutes of 3D audio directly from my Unity project. 

My WWise project is linking to unity successfully, I am able to have the MasterBus inside WWise view the game audio while Unity is playing. I have attached the "Recorder" effect plugin to the MasterAudioBus, and have several children buses below it. The issue I'm having is the "GameOutputPath" feature, set to MyGameRecording.wav (following this post: I actually AM having the .wav files recorded and I am able to listen to them with AdobeAudition, HOWEVER--the MyGameRecording.wav is constantly being overwritten every time a new sound file is played from any of the children buses, instead of one long continuous .wav file from the Master Bus.

I was even trying to modify the recorder plugin--but I also can't find the source .cpp file for the recorder plugin either.




asked May 16, 2019 in General Discussion by Paul C. (100 points)

1 Answer

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This is standard Wwise Recorder behaviour, unfortunately. Maybe you might have better results with loopback recording from your computer? The last time I had to record high quality gameplay audio, I routed it externally from my PC to a DAW in my laptop through an audio interface :P.
answered May 22, 2019 by Beatrix Moersch (2,830 points)