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waapi to query list of events in a bank

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I'm trying to query the list of events in a bank with the following input to ak::wwise::core::object::get

(ak_bank_id contains the guid of the bank I'm interested in) 


AkJson ak_query( AkJson::Map{ { "from", AkJson::Map{ { "id", AkJson::Array{ ak_bank_id } } } };

                              { "transform", AkJson::Array{ AkJson::Map{ { "select", AkJson::Array{ AkVariant( "descendants" ) } } },
                                                            AkJson::Map{ { "where",  AkJson::Array{ AkVariant( "type:isIn" ),
                                                                                                    AkJson::Array{ AkVariant( "Event" ) },
                            } );

but it's returning an empty list

- I've also tried with the "where" block removed, here's I'd expect the results to include the containing workunits

thanks for any help


asked May 20 in General Discussion by jonny (100 points)

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