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SoundCaster audio quieter than UE4's [closed]

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Hi all,

There's a significant difference in volume going on between Wwise and Unreal Engine 4. I researched the problem and figured it might be because of multiple listeners in the scene. Using the Wwise profiler, I can identify that there seem to be multiple listeners in the scene (one on the camera and one in world settings), however I have no clue how to remove the one in World Settings (it's not specified there). Can anyone help me out with removing this listener, or point out if I'm on the wrong path here altogether.. the attached image shows the listeners in the Profiler.


closed with the note: Had an RTPC that was causing lowering of audio volume from within Wwise
asked May 20 in General Discussion by Guus v. (150 points)
closed May 21 by Guus v.