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Installing new versions of Wwise fails

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When I try to install a new version of Wwise I keep getting the same error Checksum validation failed for file: Authoring.tar.xz. 

I don't know how to fix this issue, any ideas?

asked May 21 in General Discussion by Alexander L. (100 points)
How did you try to install? Via the Wwise Launcher?
Via the Wwise Launcher, I can install 2018.1.6 but any later versions of 2018 or 19 gets the same error.
Alexander, can you:
1. restart the Launcher
2. repro the issue
3. Post the complete Launcher log
I have tried the first two steps here is a link to the complete launcher log!AnjaWs9_mnQihtoWVZzFR7nQAruutw

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