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Is there a way to randomize elements of a container without individually randomizing nested SFX?

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I realize the question asked might be a bit vague so let me explain what I'm trying to achieve.

In my project I am trying to create a randomized and dynamic soundscape of animal sounds around the player.

I have several different animal sounds. e.g. dogs, birds etc. and each animal has a few variations.

Using dogs as an example:
Ive set up a sequence container for the dog barks that will randomly select how many times it loops, within the sequence container is a random container with the dog's barking variations. (as well as a silence SFX to create some time between randomly selected barks)

visual representation:

DOG BARK SEQUENCE CONTAINER   (random amount of loops)
                                 - Dog Bark 01
                                   - Dog Bark 02
                                   - Dog Bark 03
                                   - Dog Bark 04
                                   - Dog Bark 05

             - SILENCE (0 - 2 seconds)


So when the sequence is played, and it randomly selects 5 loops.
The dog will bark 5 times, each time selecting a different bark sample.
and then finish. Until another "dog bark sequence" is triggered.

Now i want variation / randomization for each sequence container.

 - Volume randomization
 - Pitch randomization
 - Stereo position randomization


With the randomization active: If the 'dog bark sequence container' selects 5 loops / dog barks.
I want all 5 of the barks to have the same volume, pitch and stereo position. - so it sounds like its the same dog making all 5 of the bark sounds.

Only next time i play the sequence container it needs to choose random amounts again.

Currently if I put on randomization on the sequence container. - Each time it loops, the sample will have new pitch, volume and position amounts because it gets the randomization properties from its parent.
I tried override parental box but that just causes it to not have any randomization what so ever.

Ive played around with adding the randomization at different points in the hierarchy but to no success.

So now instead of a dog barking 5 times off in the distance on the left side.

Those 5 barks will now randomly be left, right, soft, loud, different pitch. etc.

So is there a way to randomize the properties of a sequence container as a whole. And not affect the children in the container each and every time it loops or a sample is played.?


asked May 27, 2019 in General Discussion by Jeandre V. (110 points)

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