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UE4 and WWise Seeking

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Simple question, how would i go about making it possible to seek in BP so i could start an event like 1 sec in?

I've tried adding this to the UActorComponent.cpp that i saw on another thread and can make the function run from BP but nothing is happening when i Seek and then Post a AK event, suspecting there might be something wrong with the last line:

void UAkComponent::Seek(int32 MilliSeconds, const FString& IDNumber)
    AkTimeMs MilliSec = MilliSeconds;
    AkUniqueID AkIDNumber = FCString::Atoi64(*IDNumber);
    AK::SoundEngine::SeekOnEvent(AkIDNumber, (AkGameObjectID) this, MilliSec, false, (AkPlayingID)AK_INVALID_PLAYING_ID);

Added Logs on AudioDevice.cpp that has SeekOnEvent but it is never run. 

Very suprised that this is not available by default :/



asked Jun 3 in General Discussion by Alexander F. (100 points)

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