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Warning: Audio Device invalid on Mac

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MacOS Mojave 10.14.5

Wwise 2019.1.1.6977

Hi, I just downloaded Wwise today and have began the Wwise101 course with the Cube game. I have got to the end of the first lesson and as I generate my first SoundBank, it comes up with an error which reads 'No valid Audio Device fo Bus 'Motion Factory Bus''. (I also run the Cube and no sound was running still)

So I I looked into the Motion Factory Bus Editor and it says 'Warning: Audio Device invalid on Mac.' - Considering I haven't touched any audio preferences, I'm a little confused of what to do at this point, anyone else had this issue?

Here is a screen shot of what I am talking about:

Thank you in advance!


asked Jun 12, 2019 in General Discussion by Edward D. (150 points)

Yes I'm having the exact same problem. Have you managed to find a reason behind this?
I'm still none the wiser as to why I am getting this message.

Hi Lewis,

I still haven't worked this out. My only guess is that it is something to do with the latest macOS update. Do you have the same Wwise & MacOS spec? Just wondering if there is a pattern.

Ive just sent them an email directly so I if I get an answer, I will post it up here for sure!

4 Answers

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Hi Edward,

Although I'm still getting the 'No valid Audio Device for Bus 'Motion Factory Bus' message, I can run Cube and hear the shotgun blast sound. I have moved onto lesson 2 now, where generating the soundbank seems to work as it should. Must be just something within this first lesson. I'd advise you to just move past it.


answered Jun 18, 2019 by Lewis H. (140 points)
Hi Lewis,

How odd.. Thank you for that! I will move on then, hopefully it's not some bug we face moving forward!
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Had the same problem and was quite frustrated by it. No shotgun sound in Cube as well.

My buddy and I got around this by clicking on the audio tab and Motion Factory Bus and changing the audio device from Default_Motion_Device to System.
answered Jun 28, 2019 by Szymon D. (200 points)
Interesting, I've just tried that and that didn't work for me unfortunately. I've just decided to move on to lesson 2 and hoping the problem doesn't arise again. Thanks for the suggestion though :)
Hey people.. It's so frustrating ! I can't hear nothing at all same as you. "No valid Audio Device for "bus motion factory bus". I also sent to an email to Audiokinetic. I'm Still waiting hopefully they'll can help us. I tried to search about the lesson 2in the folder also like lewis said  and no way to find it. I hoped it can fix the problem.
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Hi! I solved this by mistake weeks ago. I generated the sound bank into the Mac folder inside, which is a subfolder of 'soundbanks' (Cube\cube\soundbanks). The manual says you must generate it into 'sound banks' tho.
answered Sep 23, 2019 by Juan José A. (180 points)
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Master-Mixer Hierarchy->Default Work Unit->Motion Factory Bus

double click it

than you can see Audio Device with note like"not valid .... on Mac"

click the sign ">>" choose System->System

regenerate your soundbank


answered Oct 23, 2020 by caster q. (170 points)