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Warning: Audio Device invalid on Mac

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MacOS Mojave 10.14.5

Wwise 2019.1.1.6977

Hi, I just downloaded Wwise today and have began the Wwise101 course with the Cube game. I have got to the end of the first lesson and as I generate my first SoundBank, it comes up with an error which reads 'No valid Audio Device fo Bus 'Motion Factory Bus''. (I also run the Cube and no sound was running still)

So I I looked into the Motion Factory Bus Editor and it says 'Warning: Audio Device invalid on Mac.' - Considering I haven't touched any audio preferences, I'm a little confused of what to do at this point, anyone else had this issue?

Here is a screen shot of what I am talking about:

Thank you in advance!


asked 5 days ago in General Discussion by Edward D. (100 points)

Yes I'm having the exact same problem. Have you managed to find a reason behind this?
I'm still none the wiser as to why I am getting this message.


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