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With SoundBank metadata, SoundBanksRoot + Path does not lead to the correct full path to a localized SoundBank file

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Hello Wwise,

The metadata in bank.json/.xml are super useful. I expect to be able to easily construct the path to a SoundBank file using just the fields in it, e.g.,

using SoundBanksInfo/RootPaths/SoundBanksRoot plus SoundBanksInfo/SoundBanks/Path.

However, for a localized SoundBank, it's not straightforward to get its full path:

SoundBanksInfo/RootPaths/SoundBanksRoot carries the language subfolder, such as English(US),

then the SoundBank path field: SoundBanksInfo/SoundBanks/Path still carries the language folder path,

making it counter-intuitive to construct a full path to the BNK file. 


It would be better if only one of them keeps the language folder.

asked Jun 17, 2019 in Feature Requests by Beinan Li 李北南 (160 points)

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