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Curious about a HPF applied to sounds played to Wwise (3d bus)

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I'm curious about an apparent HPF applied to sounds played through a 3d panner to a bus.

I was intending to attach an image here of an impulse that is a frequency sweep, both source-audio and played through wwise and logged. But cannot easily attach the image.

.. in this image, it is clear that the low-frequency portions of the sound are attenuated, with increasing falloff as the frequency goes down. Looks like a HPF.

Can anyone comment on whether there is a HPF present on all sounds played through the wwise panner?


Chris Marvin
asked Jun 18 in General Discussion by Christopher M. (100 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Chris,

You can trust Wwise not to add arbitrary filters on its own. It certainly comes from somewhere in the project. Have you checked on the object or elsewhere in the hierarchy is you have a distance attenuation curve affecting HPF, an RTPC curve, a state, occlusion/obstruction, etc.? If you are using Wwise 2019.1, I highly suggest you profile a voice going through this bus using the Voice Inspector: This view provides exhaustive answer about what's happening with volume, LPF, and HPF throughout the lifespan of a voice from the source to the master bus.

Hope this helps,
answered Jun 19 by Simon A. (Audiokinetic) (3,490 points)