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Voice Id profiling problems

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Hi there! 

I have problems trying to profile game object by ID. My situation looks like on the picture here: (Game Objects and Voices List). There are two objects with different IDs - long one 18446744073709551614 and short one 165. I have quite same situation in my project. When I am using game object profiling layout  and try to add new watch in game object explorer tab using long id - it works, but if i add object same way but with short object ID - 165 for example or 15342 in my case it does not work or even didn't recognize this ID even I copy that value from Voice Inspector. And there are no RTPC parameter values appear in log of game sync monitor and on the right side of this object  in second column "unknown" name displayed instead of correct one CarEngineTruck. This problem is a critical for us because I can not profile RTPC parameters, transferring to this particular object with short game ID. If I add whole node by long ID wrong RTPC values are shown.

Please check the IMAGE

Probably I am doing something wrong ) May be there are some specific rules for typing in game ID correctly?

Look forward to hear from you.

asked Jun 24 in General Discussion by Alexander D. (100 points)

1 Answer

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You actually have part of the answer in your question.  It is not obvious in the UI, but the IDs in that Voice Inspector columns are a mixed bag:  When beside a Game Object (with the Game Object icon) the ID is the Game Object ID, which can be used in the Game Object Watch (hence the name).  The other ID you see (the "short one") is the instance of the Sound (if you play several times the same sound you will get a different number).  It can't be used to watch anything and only serves to differentiate sounds within the Voice Inspector, when you have multiple copies playing.

RTPCs are applied on Game Objects, not Sounds.  If the Game Object Watch report a value for the RTPC, it is the one used by all Sounds played on that Game Object.  You can compare that with the RTPC value reported in the right-most pane of the Voice Inspector, when you have a particular sound selected, and it should be the same.
answered Jun 25 by Mathieu J. (Audiokinetic) (7,040 points)