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How can i tune volume in interactive music hierarchy (midi input song),and control midi signal ?

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I can't tune volume in interactive music hierarchy (midi input song),and turn down the volume only can be adjust midi targeted Synth sound in "Factory Synth One". The midi out buss also can't tune volume.  

So  i try  use  Wwise meter  effector  in "profiler" capture the midi  signal ,but no display, rtpc can't control volume with side-chain setting.  



How can i tune volume in real time ?


 How can i  monitor midi volume signal(except default top bus)


asked Jun 27 in General Discussion by JiangShan (100 points)

1 Answer

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I don't believe it is possible to adjust the volume on a MIDI track in the interactive music hierarchy. That can only be done on the SFX Object that the MIDI track is targeting in the Actor Mixer Hierarchy. You can set that to respond to pre-recorded CC volume information on the MIDI track by setting up an RTPC in the SynthOne source editor on in the Sound Porperty Editor of the SFX object itself:

Either of those will adjust the volume according to incoming CC7 (MIDI Volume) messages. 

You can monitor the volume of your synths by creating a separate audio bus as a child of the Master Audio and targeting that bus in the Sound Property Editor of the synth.

Not sure if that is what you're looking for, but basically any volume adjustments to a MIDI track have to be done to the SFX object in the Actor-Mixer hierarchy that it is targeting.


answered Jun 27 by Christopher K. (150 points)