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2019.1.1 AKDEBUG: Java VM not initialized or not provided in AkInitSettings.

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We're currently in the process of trying to upgrade from 2016.1.1 to the latest 2019.1.1 release, but are running into a failure when attempting to initialize the sound engine. This is with a mixed Java/C++ game, not a native NDK activity based app. 

The following code is used for sound engine initialization, the Java VM is obtained from the initial JNI_OnLoad(JavaVM * vm, void *reserved) call which happens when our library is loaded. This works fine in 2016.1.1 but fails under 2019.1.1 for some reason. I'm unable to debug this further as I lack the source code to the SoundEngine. 

 AkInitSettings initSettings;
 AkPlatformInitSettings platformInitSettings;
 AK::SoundEngine::GetDefaultInitSettings( initSettings );
 AK::SoundEngine::GetDefaultPlatformInitSettings( platformInitSettings );
 platformInitSettings.pJavaVM = OurCustomLib->GetJavaVM();
 if ( AK::SoundEngine::Init( &initSettings, &platformInitSettings ) != AK_Success ) -> Failure: AKDEBUG: Java VM not initialized or not provided in AkInitSettings.

Please advise.


asked Jun 27 in General Discussion by Gregg W. (100 points)

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