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Wwise 2019.1.1 authoring tool does not respond while opening project with Windows7

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I encountered an authoring tool issue.
Please investigate the problem if you have to.

Our project has updated Wwise SDK and tools to 2019.1.1 and migrated project files too.
Half of members can open this project, but some members cannot open the project due to the Wwise authoring tool stops respond while opening the project.
"Loading Project... (Not Responding)" window has appears, and it indicates "Current Step: Finalizing..." status.

Members who cannot open the project using Windows 7, and others using Windows 10.
They upgraded to Windows 10, then it works.
We upgraded the project file with Windows 10, and tried to open in Windows 7.
asked Jul 1, 2019 in Feature Requests by Kotaro M. (100 points)

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