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Can I apply a player-specific state without code?

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Example scenario:  I have a multiplayer combat game and the local player is stunned by a grenade.  I want everyone to hear the grenade sound, local player included.  But only the local player will have a low-pass filter applied to all of his sounds for a short time period after that (like a stunned state).  Is there a way to set this stun state within Wwise in "Event Actions" without explicitly calling "SetState" from within the code?  Currently if I do this within Wwise and just call the event then EVERYONE enters the stunned state and hears that low-pass filter.  I would think you'd have to tell Wwise which is the local player somehow, but I'm not sure how.  If this is not possible without code explicitly calling "SetState" then that info would be helpful as well.  I'm running Wwise 2013.2.5 with the Unity integration.

Thanks in advance!
asked Sep 8, 2014 in General Discussion by Randy Y. (110 points)

1 Answer

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Since States in Wwise can only be set to global scope all player objects are affected by this stun state change. To have each individual player object affected seperately by your grenade stun effect you will want to use a "Switch" instead of a "State." Create a switch group in the game syncs tab and have two switches underneath it, stunned and not stunned, then subscribe your player switch container in the audio tab to your newly created switch group. You can then use a Set Switch event, set to game object in the scope collumn, to set your switch back and forth between stunned and not stunned per player object. I think this may solve your issue.
answered Sep 11, 2014 by Chris M. (200 points)