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Plugins don't get sent to virtual voice

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Hello. My project consists of custom plugins (pure data patches). All of them are set to send to virtual voice. When I turn on profiler and I playtest the level in Unreal, despite some sounds being way below the threshold, there are still shown as active in the profiler. Why is that?
asked Jul 30 in General Discussion by Luka L. (100 points)

1 Answer

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Hello Luka,

What are the virtual voice settings ( under the Advanced Settings tab ) for this voice?


answered Aug 1 by Dan M. (2,660 points)
Hi Dan.
This Wind plugin is set to Play from beginning. I even tried other 2 options, and I got the same result. It's strange because I have another plugin, set with the same virtual settings, and in-game it becomes active only when I trigger it. Also, this wind plugin in wwise, is routed to its own Audio Bus. so I can control its volume in-game, where I have a slider to do that. I noticed, when I move that slider to the far left, that wind plugins in no more active, despite there was no wind sound in the first place.
In that case I would guess that the when the plug implements TimeSkip, which is how plugins avoid processing if the voice is virtual, just returns AK_NotImplemented which will keep processing regardless of the virtual voice state. It might do this for a good reason, it might not.

Try kill voice virtual voice settings to see if that does in fact stop the processing regardless of the implementation of TimeSkip.

I will try to confirm with someone if this theory is correct!
When I set to kill, now the plugin doesn't even become active when I trigger it in-game.
Ok that's good, that says that the virtualiztion itself is working correctly or at least happening at all. With kill you'd have to retrigger it to here any sound if it goes to virtual once.

Probably the best work around here is to Play/Stop these sounds from the game when you want to hear ( or just outside of the expected audible range or audible conditions so you get a nice fade ) effictively bypassing the virtual voice system for these specific sounds.
Wait, my bad. The plugin is set to kill on virtual. In unreal, the Vol slider for the wind is set to half. When I hit play, the plugin is active, but there is no sound since the wind is not triggered.
EDIT: Ok, now I removed the sound from the EventBeginPlay node in Unreal. I've triggered separately with a key. The wind starts, the plugin is active. But when I decrease the wind speed (the sound gets lower until the is no more sound), the plugin remains active.