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Output Bit Depth

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I am wondering what the output bit depth is for the audio when the sound bank is generated. I can't find any bit depth information when setting up conversion settings. I do know however that the audio when played in the Wwise transport is converted to 16 bit:

Additionally, when played in the Transport Control, files are converted to 16 bits. (From the Wwise manual:

Also, is there any dither-like noise added on the output signal?


asked Aug 5, 2019 in General Discussion by Stephen F. (200 points)

1 Answer

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All files that are using linear PCM at runtime are exported as 16 bits per sample.

Dither is added *if* you tick "Apply Dither" in the conversion settings and *if* the is a bit depth change ( see sharesets from the F5 view ).

You can optionally inport originals that have been truncated and dithered using your prefered method and in fact I would recommend only using the Wwise originals directory for 48kHz/16bit PCM and keeping any higher rate/resolution source elsewhere to minimize project size and soundbank build time.


answered Aug 5, 2019 by Dan M. (2,660 points)