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Stadia support?

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What's the integration for Google Stadia and is the platform going to be added to Wwise soon?
asked Aug 6, 2019 in General Discussion by Michael M. (130 points)

1 Answer

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Stadia will soon be officially supported in Wwise.

Exact dates are not yet available at this point, but we have been working on it a lot lately. You should expect an update very quickly.

Plans are to release it officially with Wwise 2019.2, and also provide packages for previously supported versions. We plan to provide packages on previous Wwise versions (2019.1.X and 2018.1.X) before the release of 2019.2 to allow our current users to work on Stadia as soon as possible.
answered Aug 6, 2019 by Alexandre L. (Audiokinetic) (1,180 points)
selected Aug 6, 2019 by Michael M.
Ok great, thanks for the quick reply!