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What Is The Best Way To Integrate Subtitles With Dialogue Voices For Localization Purposes?

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Hi. We are a team who is using Wwise together with Unreal Engine 4 and we are planning to launch our game in multiple languages. We are having multiple languages for our voices and multiple languages for our subtitles. And we want to be able to tie different voices with different subtitles, for example - Japanese voices with French subtitles. With that said, we would like to know what is the best solution to handle this mechanic.

We have thought about using Ak Markers for this. However, we cannot afford to place markers with unique names for each of our voice files as it would be too costly and prone to human error. Rather, we would prefer to have markers with generic names placed on our voice files. The issue with this is that we have no way to compare the voice files that are being played.

I should also note that our voice files contain multiple lines of dialogue as we would like to preserve the timing between some of our dialogue lines. Also because, certain languages have dialogues that only make sense when they are grouped together in a particular order.
asked Aug 26, 2019 in General Discussion by Aidan W. (110 points)
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