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Intermittent crash on Nintendo Switch with Unity

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We are experiencing intermittent crashes on Nintendo Switch with Unity (2019.1.0f2) . It happens around 50% of the time on first boot - before the Unity logo appears. Removing reference to WWise stops the crash. It's not occurring on our xbox, ps4 and Windows builds. WWise version is 2019.1.1.6977.

Most of the threads are stuck on WaitProcessWideKeyAtomic. These threads might be of interest:


nnSdk.nss!nn::svc::aarch64::lp64::ArbitrateUnlock 0000000000000001
nnSdk.nss!nn::os::detail::InternalCriticalSectionImplByHorizon::Leave (0x19E4A6AC) Unknown
nnSdk.nss!nn::fs::detail::Deallocate (0x19CA5E08) Unknown
nnSdk.nss!nn::fs::detail::FileAccessor (0x19C76330) Unknown
nnSdk.nss!nn::fs::CloseFile (0x19C7D644) Unknown


nnSdk.nss!nn::svc::aarch64::lp64::ArbitrateLock (0x19EB887C) Unknown
nnSdk.nss!nn::os::detail::InternalCriticalSectionImplByHorizon::Enter (0x19E4A550) Unknown
nnSdk.nss!nn::os::LockMutex (0x19E3B3F0) Unknown
nnSdk.nss!nn::fs::detail::Allocate (0x19CA5CE8) Unknown
nnSdk.nss!nn::fs::detail::FileSystemServiceObjectAdapter::DoOpenFile (0x19C9F758) Unknown
nnSdk.nss!nn::fs::detail::FileSystemAccessor::OpenFile (0x19C7B618) Unknown
nnSdk.nss!nn::fs::OpenFile (0x19C7F7F4) Unknown

Appreciate any ideas on what might be causing the issue, thanks
asked Sep 3 in General Discussion by Mark B. (100 points)

1 Answer

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firstly this does not look like a crash but rather a deadlock - crash implies a thread did something which has caused the execuation to abort - deadlock implies that a thread is doing something which prevents one or more other threads from progressing.

both of the callstacks you share are dealing with a mutex that is protecting an allocator that the switch file system is using. the top thread is trying to deallocate memory and waiting for the mutex to become available. the bottom thread is trying to allocate memory and waiting for the mutex to become available. so the answer lies elsewhere.. what I can say with some certainty here is that the mutex that both these threads are trying to acquire is currently locked. next I would look for a thread which hash InternalCriticalSectionImplByHorizon::Enter in an upper frame that isn't waiting to acquire ( not in AbitrateUnlock ).

Just a guess based on your thread names - are you opening a file as Wwise is trying to close it.. is it valid with the nx filesystem to do that?

ps. you probably shouldn't post what could be details of the inner workings of the NX, unless your NDA with nintendo lets you do that, in future :)
answered Sep 7 by Dan M. (1,940 points)