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Source Control settings not saved when closing project

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Hi there, 

For some reason Wwise isn't remembering my source control settings when closing and reopening a project. Once i've entered the details it all hooks up to Perforce nicely and works as expected, but when reopening the project all my lovely Server, Port, Host settings etc have vanished.

My first thought was that maybe some preference files were checked in to Perforce, and not writable, but as you can see from the attached image that's not the case.

Anybody else experienced this and wouldn't mind sharing how you fixed it?

This is Wwise 2019.1.3
Perforce Visual Client/NTX64/2015.2/1312139

See image of files in Perforce here:

asked Sep 5, 2019 in General Discussion by Simon P. (110 points)

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