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How to create and publish a new sample project? [closed]

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Hello, I've been digging through the learning resources, and the Q/A prediction list doesn't seem to suggest any answer either -

What I'm looking to do, is to share my Wwise project as a sample project. This is a collaborative effort with another modder to re-create a functioning Wwise template for other modders to use in order to integrate new audio into the game. However, while the developer have been forthcoming with providing bus names, etc to help us connect all the dots, he pointed out that there could be some legalities to keep in mind, and the conclusion was that the best approach would probably be to look into how the project samples in Wwise are distributed.

But I'm unable to find any particular documentation in how to package/export my project as a sample project, and would love some help or pointers to achieve this.

Thank you.
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asked Sep 16, 2019 in General Discussion by Tommy G. (100 points)
closed Sep 16, 2019 by Tommy G.