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Editing a sound in an external editor doesnt update the (cached?) file in Wwise

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When I edit a audio file in an external editor (CTRL + E), save the file, and then return to Wwise, the sound file is not updated. Is it cached somehow? And then, is there anyway to update the file in Wwise?

Restaring Wwise solves it. But is very annoying.
asked Sep 20, 2019 in General Discussion by Jonas S. (140 points)

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modifying the original file on disc does not in any way inform the authoring tools that a change has taken place since the time you either imported the file or the last time any data derived from the file ( such as the waveform display or conversion properties to which i suspect you refer ) was gathered.

reconverting the file ( shift+c ) should address any inaccuracies in any displayed data - building somebanks already takes into account any changes made and so is not affected.

hopefully it is clear that this is a resonable compromise in the general case - e.g. a great many things could change that file, that wwise wouldn't know about, should you wish.

i do however take your point that, considering the operation to modify the file is launched from within wwise that, once editing is is concluded that wwise could update any data derived from the file either through waiting for the editor, launch as a child process, to terminate or through the use of file/directory change notifications in much the same way as i'm suggesting you do manually.
answered Sep 25, 2019 by Dan M. (2,640 points)
selected Sep 30, 2019 by Jonas S.
Thanks for the answer. Will try the reconverting option.

Just know there is a sollution. Every other program I'm using can recognise external changes somehow. But don't build native apps myself, so have no idéa how to solve it. But I guess you can add a timer to check every X seconds if a file has been updated, or when the focus of the window is reciewed again you could do a check.

Just think it's an essential feature :)

Or at least if there is an "update all assets" button, that would be great :)