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Remote Connection Feature Does Not List Xbox One

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With our current setup we're able to see PS4 and Windows 10 sessions, but unable to see or connect to Xbox One sessions.

We're currently running Wwise on 2018.1.5.6835 (windows 10 64-bit 1709/1809), Xbox XDK - July 2018 QFE 8 / 10.0.17134.5059, and Xbox Recovery - July 2019 / 10.0.18362.5047.

The project is coded for the right port, Xbox is an active/licensed platform, Firewall is sorted properly, no physical wiring issues.


Any ideas what may be causing this?  Anything other obvious things I can check?
asked Sep 24, 2019 in General Discussion by Casey F. (100 points)

1 Answer

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please review the document WwiseSDK-XboxOne.chm specifically the page titled xbox one specific information - in short there is an addition step required before use of this socket/port on this platform.
answered Sep 25, 2019 by Dan M. (2,640 points)
Our programmers checked that page and added the code outlined on it to no avail.  Any other recommendations?
that is the change you need to make - i suspect they did it incorrectly - ask them to do it again - if you are still having issues beyond this point you will have to elevate to either the official support of audiokinetic or microsoft